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Wet Apron Belt Conveyer


The wet de-slagging system PNEPREMIUM is a robust and reliable solution to extinguish and transport hot ash and slag.
Due to only minor rolling friction on the supporting rollers and the other components, located protected from the material to be conveyed, this conveyor presents considerable key advantages compared to its competitors.

From the outside removable, lifetime lubricated supporting rollers in combination with impact tables, able to absorb single weights of several tons, make the PNEPREMIUM to a guarantor for a trouble-free plant operation.

The special design with overlapping belt segments and self-cleaning effect without additional cleaning chain ensures safe transport and optimal drainage without loss of free-flowing and fine-grained material.

Conveyor widths up to 4 meters and capacities of well over 100 t / hour are no problem for the PNEPREMIUM. A plant availability of over 99% and a service life of the conveyor components of more than 40.000 hours of operation have been achieved in various fields of application with the PNEPREMIUM.

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