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Trough Chain Conveyors

Bulk material conveyors of different systems belong to the product range and delivery program of MICONTEC GmbH. These products are for both the extraction of fly ash and the transport of all other types of bulk material in different plants.

To ensure high availability of the plants conveyors and components have been developed, which guarantee reliable operation and are economically justifiable with regard to power requirements, operation, maintenance, repair and investment costs.

Powder- or grain-shaped material of small or middle quantity can be conveyed horizontal, inclined or vertical by means of single-strand chain conveyors. The conveying takes place in a completely dust-proof housing.

The material will be conveyed by means of many chain links and flight attachments that banded together as an endless chain strand within the trough.

The construction of the housing is very simple, because it is solid and forms a self-supporting component.

Double-strand chain conveyors with a similar design are used for middle or large quantities of bulk material.

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